4 Easy Tips You can Ease Your Back Pain

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Nearly, every adult suffers from some type of back pain at some point of time in their lives. The pain can be a constant dull ache, to abrupt, sharp soreness. One develops back pain due to wrong posture, sprain or another accidental injury. Arthritis and other diseases such as abnormal narrowing of the spinal canal may occur in any part of the spine and may also cause pain. No matter what causes it and when it happens, back pain is real and excruciating.

Below are some self-help tips to reduce your back pain.

1. Reduce Bed Rest
Studies have found that people suffering from short-term low back pain who rest have more painful experience and a harder time with daily activities than those who stay active. Patients with short-term pain should say ‘no’ to more than three days of bed rest. Better, they should get moving as quickly as possible.

2. Maintain Weight
Doctors say that maintaining healthy weight is one of the most crucial factors to ease back pain. So, stay fit and burn fat if you are overweight. Every single extra pound stresses your back and can cause pain. Have healthy diet. Add fruits and vegetables to it. Avoid processed foods to keep your weight in a healthy range and back healthy.

3. Exercise Daily
There is no remedy as useful as an exercise. Simple exercises, such as walking is very effective and helpful. Daily exercise gets the patient out of a sitting posture and put his or her body upright, in a neutral position. However, moving in moderation and staying away from strenuous activities like gardening is also necessary. Also, avoid whatever motion increases the pain. Better you meet a physiotherapist as he or she can suggest you the right exercise depending on the level of pain.

4. Stretch Your Muscles
Make stretch a part of your exercise as it’s not less important than the exercise. It’s essential as it keeps you flexible and prevents a backache. Stretching also helps you recover from a back injury. Stretching your muscles before doing an exercise or lifting heavy weight is helpful. Make it your habit to stretch muscles before going to bed. It’s quite simple: bend forward, bend back and bend side to side.

As you see, limiting bed rest, maintaining weight, doing exercises and stretching your muscle is helpful. Work on by adding them to your daily activities if you have to get rid of back problems.


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