4Things You Can’t Miss in California

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California is recognized by the epithet “the one of the eternal summer”, or, Endless summer, and is in literal sense. Even in winter, the maximum temperatures are around 20 degrees, which invites locals and tourists to continue enjoying their paradisiacal beaches.

California has it all: sea, palm trees, seagulls suspended in the air and a great variety of gastronomic offers. If you are a lover of summer, the beach, and surfing. Stay at The Resort at Pelican Hill while in California to enjoy all California has to offer.

These tips will help you get to know the Californian coast in-depth:

1. Visit vineyards

If you are a good wine drinker, you cannot stop visiting the Californian vineyards. The most recognized is the Napa Valley, there you can hire a wine tour for 90 USD. The best season to visit Napa is in spring/autumn, since summer can be a bit hot.

To the south of California, 150km from Los Angeles is the city of Santa Barbara. From there the best option is to rent a car to tour the vineyards in Santa Ynez, Los Olivos, and Solvang. This last town of Danish influence is the perfect place to settle to rest between the wine walks.

Finally, the Temecula Valley, located south of Los Angeles, not only offers a wine tasting tour of excellent quality but also a sight to behold. The rolling hills and the large tracts of land drawn by rows of vineyards make us move to Italian Tuscany. This tourist spot offers outdoor restaurants (such as Wilson Creek Winery) and even hot air balloon rides.

2. Fly by helicopter

For adventurers, the best way to get to know California is from the air. Island Express offers helicopter rides to Santa Catalina Island, flights over the famous Hollywood sign and tours along the shores of Laguna Beach.

Santa Catalina is an island located just 35km from Los Angeles. This scenario has been chosen as a refuge by great Hollywood figures such as Charles Chaplin or Marilyn Monroe. Its charm continues to attract thousands of tourists and locals looking to escape from the big cities. The easiest way to get there is by helicopter and the trip takes only 15 minutes. A cheaper option is to cross by boat from Long Beach for only 36 USD.

3. Los Angeles Tour

If you recognize yourself as the tourist prototype, you clearly cannot stop walking along the Walk of Fame and visit the Hollywood Sign. A tour of Universal Studios and the Wax Museum are the ideal destinations to take fun photos and have a good time. If you like music, don’t forget to visit Barney’s Beanery bar, a recurring place for Jim Morrison and Janis Joplin.

For shopping fans, Rodeo Drive is a shopping paradise. Of course, it only has exclusive stores and the prices are unattainable. A more accessible walk in the Santa Monica Boulevard, a pedestrian with varied shops, cafes, cinemas and more. In the afternoon, the best way to enjoy the sunset is from the main pier of this city, where besides restaurants there are games and attractions.

4. Get to know La Jolla, San Diego

This is the second-largest city in California and has a wide variety of tourist attractions for all tastes. The weather is warm throughout the year, so you can enjoy its paradisiacal beaches in all seasons.

La Jolla Cove is the most dazzling neighborhood in the entire city. Its cliffs above the sea fascinate everyone who visits it. Luxurious buildings, restaurants and refined art galleries on the hill attract tourists to explore it. You cannot miss a walk through the National Geographic gallery, photography exhibitions are always impressive!

La Jolla also offers a wide variety of bars and restaurants. If you don’t want to get away from the beach, Cody’s is the perfect place to enjoy a dish without missing the sea breeze. From the shore you can enjoy a marine show, tourists gather to observe sea lions, pelicans and whales. If you like surfing, the best spot is Windansea Beach, one of the most recognized in California.


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