5 Reasons Why Cyber Threat Intelligence is Important

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Cyber Threat Intelligence (CTI) or Threat Intelligence is a part of cybersecurity which focuses on the collection and analysis of information on both potential & current cyber-attacks that threaten the security of an organization and its assets. Cyber Intelligence is a proactive security measure which prevents data or security breaches and saves the organization on the financial cost required to clean up such a mess after a breach occurs.

The main objective of CTI is to provide companies with an in-depth understanding of the cyber-threats, which poses major risks to their infrastructure and how they can protect their business in the long run. All the information provided by the CTI team needs to be executed to provide proper support to the organization.

Here are the five reasons why cyber intelligence really matters:

Lowers Costs
CTI helps in reducing your overall expenses and saves your business capital as improved defenses help to mitigate the risks of an organization. In the aftermath of a data breach, an enterprise not only suffers data loss but also it has to bear with many costs such as post-incident remediation & restoration, fines, lawsuit fee, investigation expenses, damage to their reputation, market position, etc.

Lowers Risks
Cybercriminals with the intention and ability to harm others & organizations are continuously exploring new ways to penetrate the organization networks. Thus, CTI offers proper visibility into such emerging security hazards in order to reduce the risk of information loss, minimize or block disruption in the business operations, and to maximize regulatory consent.

Avoid Loss of Data
A cyber intelligence system acts as a watchdog when suspicious IP addresses or domains attempt to communicate with your network or tries to collect valuable information. Here, a CTI system helps in preventing or blocking such addresses from infiltrating your network and stealing sensitive data. These intrusions, if not responded timely, may turn into a distributed denial-of-service attack leading to extreme damage to the system.

Maximizing Staffing
A cyber threat intelligence system helps in improving the efficiency of the security team of an organization by correlating threat intelligence with anomalies flagged that are by tools on the network. A CTI team can integrate threat intelligence into the foundation of an organization to lower security response time and to enable the company’s staff to focus on other essential tasks.

In-depth Threat Analysis
Cyber threat intelligence helps the organization to analyze the different techniques of cybercriminals. By analyzing such cyber threats, an organization can determine whether the security defense systems can block such an attack.


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