5 Things Guests Usually Look for Before Booking a 4 Star Hotel

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The holiday season has already begun and if you plan to go for a trip, be it to the mountains or to sunbathe at a beach overlooking the mighty ocean, nothing will comfort you more than the hotel you will lodge in. Luxurious rooms, a swimming pool to relax in, breakfast in cosy beds that give effortless sleep and a room service at your beck and call are all that you need for a perfect vacation which can be afforded quite reasonably at a 4-star hotel. Having said, that here in this post, we list the 5 most important things that you may want to look for in a 4-star hotels in Lebanon, before you book it.

1. Affordable

This is the reason why we should more so opt for a 4-star. In order to explore a new place, it takes a lot of time and sometimes a hotel is just for crashing. Hence, you don’t want to spend much on lodging. 4-star hotels give the best staying experience with all amenities in really affordable prices.There are many 4-star hotels in Lebanon which will suit your pocket.

2. Complimentary Gym

This amenity provided by the hotels is a plus point especially for fitness freaks. Generally on a holiday, we tend to let loose and do away with the regular exercise regime but when there is a gym available that too with a trainer who wouldn’t mind spending an hour in there after the entire day’s travel just to burn those extra calories.

3. Swimming pool and Jacuzzi

Wear on your swimsuit and do a few laps in the pool or maybe just relax dipping your body with a drink in your hand anytime you want. It is a privilege which 4-star hotels provide to its customers. Aligned by the pool are tanning beds where one can beat the heat the entire day. The hotels provide Jacuzzis as well where one can while away their time wandering in their thoughts.

4. Scrumptious breakfast

This is one of the attractions of 4-star hotels. Since most guests prefer having their breakfast at the hotel they are staying in, it’s important that the hotel serves a scrumptious breakfast.
Most 4 star hotels in Lebanon provide free unlimited breakfast, which includes an assortment of delicacies, everyday at their banquet hall. If required, breakfast can even be in bed, served by room service.

5. Gives a home like feeling

We are used to our own homes and comfortable in it but 4-star hotels gives a better experience. Soft cosy beds, a flat screen television with a sofa in front of it, complimentary tea and coffee tray for unlimited beverage and scenic view outside the glass windows is what you will see on entering a room such hotels provide. Not to mention, the bathrooms are a beauty with 24*7 hot water availability

Wrap up

if you are planning your trip right now and want to have a home-away-from-home experience, make sure to browse up for a comfortable 4-star lodging first!


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