5 Things That Add To Your Personality


When it comes to polishing your personality, the possibilities are endless. Contrary to popular belief, it is possible to add value to your personality and can have a lot of positive effect on your life and career. Nothing is permanent in this world, and even you have the clumsiest character, you can change it.

‘Personality’ is an umbrella term that takes account behaviors, thinking, how you behave at social places, how you look, how you dress and many similar things. Still wondering what the things that add to your personality are? Have a look at the list below.

The way you communicate
How you converse with others, speak volumes about your personality. To become a better conversationalist, you must be confident about what you speak. It includes knowing your interests and being well versed in them. If you want people to listen to you, you should also have more knowledge which you can contribute to the conversation. Apart from being a good conversationalist, it is equally important to listen to others. After all, your companions also want to be heard!

The car you drive
Your car is not just an ordinary vehicle; in fact, it makes a statement about who you are as a person. After all, we have developed a perception about cars on how it was marketed, for example, Porsches for speed and SUV for safety. Isn’t it? The same group of people is often seen driving the same type of car. No wonder, why psychographics group their customers according to their purchasing habits. With multiple new upcoming cars in India, there is a car for every person. Now get the latest models of cars with advanced features, exteriors, engine, and mileage and add value to your personality.

The shoes you wear
Are you an attention seeker? Go-getter? Adventurous? A loyal friend? You won’t believe, but your shoes can tell all these about your personality. Amazed? Aren’t you? Yes, you might be judged by the shoes you wear. Shoes often make the first impression. You may not have valued them so much till now, but how tidy you keep your shoes, how neatly you lace-up them speaks volumes about your personality. So, next time you get ready, pair your outfits with the best pair of shoes.

How manicured your nails are
Manicured, neat and ultra-hygienic nails look so charming to look at. Nails are an indispensable part of your personality. It is also the first thing the other person notice, especially when you shake hands. Dirty, pale nails adversely affect your personality. In reality, nail shape has become an important trend in Asia to know about people’s personalities. It means one can tell about your personality by just looking at the shape of your nails.

The way you smell
Have you ever marked how you smell to other people? You may not have noticed, but the way you smell is an essential characteristic of your personality. Every person is gifted with a body odor, and your body smell even changes by the changes in your physical changes. For example, you will smell different when you are stressed. Certain personalities are linked to particular scents. Often we hide the actual smell with use of deodorants and perfumes. In truth, your perfume choice also says a lot about your personality. For instance, people who love lavender scented products are believed to make great friends. Similarly, people of sandalwood scent lovers are considered high achievers. So, next time you dress up, don’t forget to apply your perfume.

Humans have the power to shape their personalities as we wish. You can develop ourselves, and contribute to our own if you work in the right direction.


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