6 Tips to Lower your Car Insurance Costs

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Car insurance is usually overlooked expense where you tend to find some considerable savings. Well, there are many things that you can do both today and over time to lower your car insurance payments. Let’s see how:

• Look around for Options
Car insurance rates differ considerably from company to company for almost similar coverage levels. When it is time to renew your car insurance in Virginia, try to get quotes from different companies to ensure that you are getting the best deal.

• Bundling your Insurance
If you have homeowner’s insurance you might want to consider using the same provider for your car insurance in Virginia. According to reports by Kelly Blue Book, bundling your home and car insurance policies could save you potentially of about 10% per year.

• Get a Driving Monitor Installed
Many insurance companies no come up with discounts when you install a device that allows them monitor your driving habits. Some insurance policies provide steep discounts of up to 30% for drivers who do not display any alarming tendencies, such as speeding or slamming on your brakes.

• Ask for a Mileage Discount
Suppose, if you drive less than the average driver then you may want to ask your insurance provider for a mileage discount. However, if you travel less than 5000 miles annually you could considerably save on your car insurance in Virginia.

• Enhance your Credit Score
There are multiple benefits of having a good credit score and that includes lowering of insurance rate, too. According to the Wallet Hub, there is a 49$ difference in the cost of auto insurance for someone with excellent credit score as compared to drivers with no credit history. With a higher credit score you could save a significant amount.

• Study about it
Teens that score high grades are often rewarded with a discount on their car insurance. Insurers depend on research that has shown teens who perform well in school are usually more responsible drivers, thus less likely to receive driving tickets or be involved in any kind of wreck.

So if you are interested in finding new car insurance in Virginia, keep the above points in mind and you will end up finding the best one. With top-rated insurance companies to choose from you will have multiple options to pick the best car insurance policy for you.


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