Advantages of Having an SSL Certificate

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Secure Sockets Layer or SSL is a cryptographic protocol that has been designed to keep communication safe over the Internet. SSL certificate is a digitally signed file issued against a particular domain name. Apart from the domain name, it also consists of issuer’s signature, serial number, expiry date, etc. an SSL certificate file installed on the server enables a secure connection which protects important information.

Let’s look at the advantages of using an SSL certificate for the website

It helps to protect sensitive information like logins, passwords, account details and cardholder’s information for e-commerce websites during any Internet communication. The Internet is a chain of computers, and every computer which takes part in this chain can read and recognize the unencrypted information. The main idea of encrypting all information before submitting it is that only web server and website visitors having personal keys can decrypt and recognize it. This prevents eavesdropping and tampering of information by the hackers and identity thieves.

It is essential for every visitor to check whether the website they’re visiting or making payment is authentic and trustworthy. To ease the identification, website server sends the SSL certification to the web browser for verification. The web browser then analyzes the information received and decides whether the certificate is trusted or not. The main difference that makes SSL trusted than others is that they’re issued to the website owner by certificate authorities after they’ve passed the verification procedure. Almost every browser with updated configuration trusts the SSL certification issued by certificate authorities.

Trusted indicators
It provides the web-resource with trusted indicators which helps the visitors to ensure that your website is reliable and protected. Certification authorities supply every SSL product with a site seal which is an additional security sign. These other security signs can be static and dynamic. Dynamic site seal along with SSL shows various information about the domain name, organization, certification authority and security parameters.

Boosts Google Search Ranking
A few years back, Google announced that having SSL certification installed on your website will increase its ranking position. This makes it a great reason for using the SSL certificate.


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