All You Need To Know About Short Term Health Insurance


Certain life events often create a gap in your health insurance coverage. And a new medical insurance plan can only be purchased at a specific time due to the new health insurance market place rules under the affordable care act (known as Obamacare). So, either you don’t have health insurance coverage or are unable to purchase a new one, short term health insurance plans can ensure that you have the coverage. They are an affordable way for your temporary health insurance in Texas which protects you against unforeseen medical expenses.

What is short term health insurance?
Short term health insurance plans are major medical insurance that provides individual healthcare coverage for a set period of time when needed. This type of health insurance plan is more affordable than any other form of major medical insurance plan. Short term insurance plans are highly flexible in nature, offering a wide range of plans and payment options that can get you the required coverage.

Short term health insurance plans can be used to pay for services from any doctor or hospital. Also, there are no open enrollment period restrictions; you can apply for it at any point of time and you can start your plan in as quickly as 24 hours. Therefore, this type of health insurance plan is significantly more affordable than Obamacare plan. It can be purchased with a range of coverage terms, deductibles and payment options based on your unique life situation.

Who should consider short term health insurance?
Short term health insurance is most certainly not for everyone. It intends to be an affordable option for those who are in overall good health and don’t have any sort of chronic condition or complex medical needs.

Short term health insurance might be useful, if you:

• Have missed the annual open enrollment periods for Obamacare/ACA plans.
• Have a waiting period before you can enroll in another major medical insurance plan.
• Are a student who recently graduated or have aged out of your parent’s health plan.
• Are in between jobs, a part time or temporary worker, or looking for a less expensive alternative to COBRA.
• Have retired but you’re too young for Medicare.
• Obamacare is not available in your area.
• Have a preferred doctor or hospital who doesn’t accept Obamacare.
• Are like millions of Americans who simply can’t afford Obamacare.

Important note
Seeking help from a health insurance broker could save you serious time and money. Regardless of the insurance plan that you are seeking for, health insurance industry is a complex affair. Therefore, it is strongly recommended to use a specialized broker who can help you select the most suitable cost-effective plan for you and your family.


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