AOT Chapter 138 Leaks to Deliver Two Unique Releases

AOT Chapter 138 Leaks to Deliver Two Unique Releases.jpg

One of the well-known Japanese manga series ever wrapped up with Attack on Titan Chapter 139. But, unfortunately, the keep going part was delivered on Friday, April 9, 2021, shutting the hit series running for the past 12 years.
AOT chapter 138 leaks finishes up in Chapter 139 in Volume 34. The last part settled every one of the cliffhangers of the past section. Presently, what next? The previous section got blended responses from fans. Many fans are baffled by the completion of Attack on Titan.

Fans would be glad to realize that as of late, it is accounted for that some most current volume of Attack on Titan would be discharged. As referenced before, Attack on Titan closes in Chapter 139 in Volume 34. As per Dual Shockers, in a discussion between the manga essayist Hajime Isayama and the distributer Kodansha, they chose to deliver new pages of Attack on Titan.

Isayama said because of some limitation of distribution; he needed to cut Attack on Titan Chapter 139 short by around 10 pages. So there will be extra eight pages to be delivered as a component of Volume 34 or the last volume in the manga.

AOT chapter 138 leaks Volume 34 is set to have two unique releases, to be specific “Assault on Titan (34) Special Edition Beginning” and “Attack on Titan (34) Special Edition Ending.” However, the detail on the extraordinary versions is yet to be uncovered.

Kodansha said these two distribution, submitted to the “Serialization Conference”, has never been public. Presently the distributions are endorsed, he will begin improving them.

The impending two extraordinary releases of Attack on Titan will be the piece of AOT chapter 138 leaks and 139.

The manga Attack on Titan depicts a civilization inside three dividers, the last area where people live. More than 100 years prior, humankind was pushed extremely close to elimination after the rise of humanoid goliaths called Titans, who assault and eat people without hesitation.

The last leftovers of humanity withdrew behind three concentric dividers and appreciated almost a hundred years of harmony. The story spins around a kid named Eren Yeager, who lives in the town of Shiganshina, situated on the edge of Wall Maria, the peripheral of three round dividers shielding humanity from Titans. He battles against animals known as Titans that have invaded the world.

Presently, there are no authority delivery dates for the uncommon version of the manga Attack on Titan. However, stay tuned to get more updates Japanese manga series.


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