Appellate Attorneys, One Word For Many Solutions!

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The very first question that arises after experiencing a loss in the trial is ‘’can we appeal?’’. Well, usually trial attorneys do think that they will be able to handle such a situation, but it becomes essential to hire an appellate attorney because they are specialized in appellate advocacy. Although they do share many similar attributes, an appellate attorney is more adequately trained to present a concise and comprehensive brief of a complex detailed trial. Appealing an unfavourable verdict can be a disconcerting task, even more if one doesn’t hire a team of expert appellate attorneys. Finding the right firm with the best appellate attorneys is tricky precisely because people are not aware of these minute differences.

Why do you need an appellate attorney?

• Well, appellate attorneys are trained to read and analyses the case
meticulously. They are able to find any missed loopholes.
• They provide a fresh perspective to your case because it is most likely
that the trial attorney has been working around on your case for so long that he might be at a loss.
• Unlike a trial, the focus of an appeal shifts to researching legal
principles, mastering records and understanding the newly emerging legal trends.
• Arguing a case before a jury is actually quite different from presenting it
in front of a panel of appellate judges. Instead of focusing on facts, the idea is to question whether the law has been correctly applied or not.

To bring an appeal, one must be familiar with the laws and rules of appellate advocacy.
• Mounting a proper appeal is a detailed and complicated process. It is
most likely that a trial. An attorney is busy in different suits and wouldn’t
be able to give as much time on it. Therefore, because the trial and appellate attorneys require different set of skills, there is a need to hire them separately.

Qualities of a reasonable appellate attorney

• Should be able to protect your appellate rights.
• He/she should be able to present a clear, logical and a concise appeal
because the judges won’t be interested in getting into convoluted trial history.
• An appeal should not include too many arguments; it should present
your best arguments and represent a clear cut case.
• It should be an honest appeal, one that doesn’t hide the facts that go
against your trial. Your attorney should be able to confront the loopholes and still be able to convince the judges that why is it still correct for you to win the case.
• An appellate lawyer should be able to point exactly where the trial got
a decision wrong under the law. Little things need to be analyzed for it.

It is essential to hire an appellate attorney if your trail goes wrong but more importantly it is necessary to hire a good one. Go for somebody who is able to represent your case in the courtroom and has a solid background in preparation and research. Experience is the key; an experienced attorney would be aware of these little intricacies and would be well versed with emerging legal trends.


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