Best Baby Showers Games

Looking forward to the end of pregnancy and celebrating the arrival of your newborn and some baby shower ideas? This also makes up for a great reason to reconnect with your friends, family and colleagues and have some celebration time together. As you might be aware, a lot of preparation and planning goes into organising a beautiful baby shower. But the most essential part of it all is to keep the guests engaged and entertained throughout the party. What’s the one thing that keeps everyone entertained and excited? Games!!! Games are not just for kids but adults as well. Start with jotting down some baby showers themes and plan your big celebration accordingly. Here are some cool and fun baby showers games that will keep your guests entertained on your little munchkin’s baby shower

1. Can you guess the tune?
Put on the tunes and let your guests go savvy with their music taste - choosing this modern game. Prepare the playlist by putting in songs that have ‘babe’ or ‘baby’ in the title itself. Mix it with the hot and popular classics. Add some spice by putting in recent hits

2. Baby Showers Games - Bingo
Bingo is one of the best multiplayer games that keep the guests entertained at all occasions and get-togethers. Bingo also makes the best baby showers games because - it excites the guests in gift-opening! Get a print-out for every individual guest and get on with the game! Also keep exciting gift coupons, cards and prizes for the winners

3. The trivia of popular nursery rhymes
Hey mama! It’s some educational gaming time! Get on with the groove and test the nursery rhymes knowledge of mommy-to-be and her guests with this exciting trivia game. Play a nursery rhyme tune in the background and ask your guests to name the rhyme. Whoever guesses first, wins!

4. It’s baby food test
This is called the test your tastebuds game! Here you are supposed to challenge and test your tastebuds but only with baby food items. The guest who guesses the highest number of flavours correctly wins and takes home an exciting prize

Getting tired of brainstorming fun games and baby shower ideas? Don’t worry! These exciting games have got your back! Get on with your baby shower preps and shenanigans and remember - keep the guests engaged and your baby happy! After all, your little munchkin is what the celebration is about, right?


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