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Winter brings a lot of fun and enthusiasm for kids and their families! But parents should keep a check on their kid’s health as they are more prone to catching a cold & cough in the season. With winter, comes cold and flu. Some children are especially prone to illness and extra steps need to be taken for kids to keep them healthy.

Flu virus gets easily transmitted among kids in their schools and homes. It is important to take extra precautions to keep the whole family healthy as possible in winter. When the immune system is weaker, children get easily susceptible to illnesses like flu, common cold, ear infections, etc. The problem gets compounded during winters when cold air allows viruses like flu to thrive.

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As the temperature drops, parents should ensure that the child has enough protection against the cold and flu. These are the common health issues with kids. Winters are usually vacation time for kids and they like to let their hair down and take a break from regular routines. It leads to indiscipline and consumption of a lot of junk food in parties. Online education for kids makes people aware of the steps that need to be taken for preventing health casualty in winter.

Here is a guide to ensure a happy and illness-free winter for your kids –

Add an extra layer of winter clothing for kids

The child in your home needs to be dressed in multiple layers of winter clothing. Kids require an extra layer of clothing in comparison to adults. Make sure that the small members in your family are fully packed from top to bottom. A simple strategy can keep your child away from winter illness.

Wash your hands properly

It is important that kids are kept safe from any kind of virus attack. They should be taught to wash their hands before and after eating with soap water at least for 20 seconds. If your shy away from the activity then makes it more fun-filled with a song. Keep hand sanitizer or sanitizing wipes on hand.

Cover your cough and sneezes

It is part of a daily routine and gradually it becomes part of a child’s habits. The elbows should be up and encourage your children to cough and sneeze into their elbow crease, not their hands. Be the first teacher of your kid and teach them all the good habits necessary for their health.

Get enough sleep

Proper sleep is important to keep a healthy life. Good sleep is essential for keeping your child’s immune system strong and healthy! Ensure a strict bedtime routine for your child.

Eat fruits and veggies

Keep your little one healthy with fruits and vegetables containing immunity-boosting nutrients. Most time kids run away from green veggies. So, it is the duty of parents to make eating exciting with sauces or soups. It is important to ensure that kids get the nutrients they need.

It is advised to give children a flu vaccine every year before the onset of winter. Safety precaution is better than cure! Children should be encouraged to drink more water during the winter months. Get to know details of Child Health with funkidsindia.

This is because we tend to feel less thirsty in cold weather and as a result drink less. Parents need to be on track for tackling winter issues for kids. Minimize your family’s risk of contracting the cold or flu virus with these health-tips


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