BriansClub, an Online “Carding Store,” Has Been Hacked


Earlier this year, BriansClub, an online “carding store” that specializes in selling stolen payment card information, was hacked. KrebsOnSecurity, a security research firm, first reported on the data breach. It’s estimated that BriansClub had $414 million worth of stolen credit card details for sale. However, it is still unclear who was behind the hack.

BriansClub sells stolen credit and debit card data for online fraud. The website has a polished interface, including clear sections and detailed information. It offers a lottery and discounts for regular customers. Users can also approve larger transactions and change their credit card PINs. It also accepts Bitcoin and Dash, two cryptocurrencies that can be used to make purchases. BriansClub estimates that a cardholder will lose $500 for each card that is compromised.

BriansClub has a record of selling 9.1 million stolen credit cards in the past year. However, the website’s archive shows that there are still 26 million cards in its database that are valid. In addition to the stolen data, BriansClub is also selling digital card information. This information can be encoded on a card’s magnetic stripe to create counterfeit cards.

BriansClub was hacked because it is an attractive target for hackers. BriansClub is one of the biggest carding stores online, and its proprietor(s) have reportedly uploaded new batches of stolen cards on a regular basis. A security intelligence firm called Flashpoint estimates that BriansClub had $414 million worth of stolen credit card data for sale. However, the company hasn’t released information about how it is making money off the sale of stolen cards.

KrebsOnSecurity requested comment from BriansClub to investigate the data breach. The site administrator confirmed that the site was hacked earlier in the year. The company also said that the stolen data has been removed from the store’s inventory.

The file that KrebsOnSecurity obtained is a full database of cards for sale at BriansClub. It includes all cards currently on the site and those that were previously on the site. It also contains a list of the countries that BriansClub has sold cards from.

BriansClub’s archive shows that the company has uploaded new batches of stolen cards about every three months. The files are mostly dumps - strings of ones and zeroes. This information can be encoded onto a card’s magnetic stripe, making it a valuable asset for hackers. The file contains nearly eight million records that were uploaded to the site in 2019.

BriansClub is one of the largest marketplaces for stolen card data. The company estimates that each compromised card will cost $500 to a criminal. In addition to generating revenue, BriansClub uses stolen card data to resell them for online fraud. In the past year, the company has sold 1.7 million cards for sale, adding another 7.6 million cards in the process.

The site also accepts payments in the form of Dash, Litecoin, and Cryptocheck. A hacker looking to conduct financial fraud only needs to register on the site and choose a bank.


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