Differences between eCommerce Web Design and E-business in Dubai

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The use of technology is the main contribution made, both to commerce and to traditional business, to achieve its updated versions called eCommerce and online business. For this reason, one of the main entry barriers for companies is ignorance of technologies and their functionalities, as well as ignorance of the environment.

The introduction of the company to eCommerce Web Design Dubai and business will allow it to have access to more customers , get to know them better, optimize investment in marketing and increase brand awareness .

In the digital economy there are no borders , which means having a greater number of potential customers; but it also means facing competitors that have not been until now. Along these lines, today, knowing how to process information and ideas is what generates benefits .
Keep in mind that speed is a critical success factor: you have to live in change, constantly adapting the structure, processes and products. In this way, having access to a larger market entails exponential growth, so the company has to grow without limits to maintain this advantage.

Definitions of eCommerce and E-business

Many are those who use the terms eCommerce and online business without differentiating, but they have different nuances :
• eCommerce web design dubaiis the digital system by which possible clients, suppliers, partners are reached through the different activities that can be developed: sales, marketing, purchases and service in general.
• E-Business includes eCommerce, but also considers the internal processes of the company that performs eCommerce: inventory and transportation management, product development, risk management, finance, strategy development, management knowledge and HCM.

Example of an Auditing Firm

As an example, for the multinational auditing firm, e-business consists of the integration of systems , processes, organizations, value chain and entire markets using internet-based technologies, related technologies and concepts.

E-business could therefore be briefly summarized as any application and process by which a monetary transaction is carried out and assigned directly to the business.

The e-business is therefore a set of operations activities and business management systems due to the addition to digital media of information and communications technology (ICT) oriented internet.

In a complementary way, it could be said that the eCommerce web design dubaiis the ideal means to carry out product tests, analyze the acceptance of our local goods and services by international markets, carry out market studies and a host of activities.


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