How Offender Management Software Streamlines Correctional Business Processes?


Offender Management System, abbreviated as OMS, is a comprehensive, purpose-built software solution for corrections agencies. Designed to streamline the correctional business process, this software tool enables corrections agencies to implement their solutions as per their own strategic priorities. It increases their administrative capabilities that include security, audits, workflows, notifications and application, integration services, user rights and so on.

Here is an insight into the ample features of the offender management software.

Community Supervision

The community supervision helps the department of corrections to track sentences, violations, probation, and parole conditions. Using this module, experts can find out whether or not the offenders have the respect for the conditions that have been imposed upon them.


Assessment is one of the features of advanced offender management software. It brings efficiency and accuracy to the correctional business process. Using this feature, corrections agencies can assess the risks and needs of the offender with the help of forms that can be prepopulated with existing offender’s information.

Drug Screening & Documents

Drug Screening and Documents are the two separate OMS modules. The drug screening empowers the correctional officers to manage sample collection, the result of alcohol and drug screening tests. On the other hand, the documents feature allows them to search for existing documents or generate new documents by using its configurable templates.

Gang / STG

Gang/STG is another module of OMS. It enables corrections officers to collect, identify, and track all the information of a gang or a security threat group. Using this feature, the agencies can do investigations and discover gang affiliations. Besides, they can also find out valid proves which indicate that the offender may belong to a gang. By this way, the corrections officers become aware of confirmed or suspected gang members.

Internal Investigations

With internal investigations, correction professionals are able to track and investigate inmates and find out if they misconduct or violate any policy and procedures, or break in security systems.


This module empowers experts to track the schedules of offenders, such as their meetings, jobs, programs, medical appointments, etc. By using this feature, corrections experts can detect conflicts and select the priority appointment.

Offender Records

With the help of offender records, corrections agencies are able to merge all offenders’ historical and demographic data found across all modules into one centralized single electronic record. This helps them reuse the pre-existing information in case of recidivism.

The bottom line is that every high-volume corrections agency should implement the Offender Management System as it can streamline their correctional business processes. However, while selecting the software, it’s good to choose one which is highly-configurable and has all the above features.


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