How using a Product Launch Marketing Agency


After spending so much time and money on product development, many business owners don’t deem it necessary to invest in a product launch. After all, the painstaking process guarantees perfection and if it’s good, it will surely sell. Well, this is the greatest mistake you can ever make as it could sound the death knell for your business. Whether you have just developed superb software or any other product, there is a lot of work to do before your product gains traction and you need all the help you can get. A product launch marketing agency will come in handy at this stage to help unlock your company’s potential.

Preparing for the Product Launch
Once you have started developing your product, it is important to start looking forward and this is when you identify reliable product launch partners. This should be a team of experienced marketers who have prerequisite expertise and resources to push your product online and offline.

You should work closely with this marketing team to align your vision for your product, identify your distinguishing values, draw a marketing plan before, during and after launch, carry out audience segmentation, critique your product, set clear-cut objectives for the product launch, carry out a test run and identify channels where your event will feature.

Doing all these things in-house can overwhelm your marketing team especially now that they have their work cut out for them after the launch.

Implementing a Successful Product Launch Event

One of the main reasons to use an established product launch marketing agency is the fact that they know what to do at this critical stage. Your team can relax as the product launchers set things rolling. Some of the strategies used by marketing agencies include:

• Increasing your organic visibility for target customers to find you easily.
• Enhanced branding campaigns through displays and other tools.
• Diligent, strategic and creative outreach to all stakeholders.
• Creating a distribution plan for the product
• Product testing and modification early enough
• A soft launch to test the waters
• Drawing a comprehensive launch plan that encompasses targeted advertising, digital marketing and PR.
• Creating shareable marketing content
• Optimizing your website for the launch including a review of architecture, speed and other factors.
• Preparing email lists for your email strategy
• Video production before and during the product launch.
• Establishing relationships with influencers before and after the launch to get the product out there.
• Preparing your business for increased traffic and optimizing customer service

Pulling off a successful product launch is not easy but with the help of an established product launch marketing agency, you can do it. Start planning early and identify the right marketing partner to make the event a success.


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