Own a Hospital? Here are the Key Modules of Hospital Information Management System!

Running a hospital? Well, in that case, you must be well-aware of the limitations that come across in the effective management of hospitals as having an expert staff I never enough. So what are you lacking in? Well, you need a great hospital information management system that has become the need of the day to meet the growing demands for high quality service.
So, when you decide to make a transition to the modern hospital automation system, the decision could pan out to be an expensive affair, however, if calculated correctly, it will lead to enhanced efficiency, faster and high-quality care for the patients and some other advantages as well.
So if you are looking for a hospital information management system, get enlightened with some of the significant modules that you must look for:

• Appointment and Scheduling
This module enables effective scheduling of appointments of the patients for the doctors, laboratory and other radiology services. Following are the advantages:

  1. Speedy patient scheduling
  2. Online and offline appointment availability
  3. Patients and staff can check appointment status
  4. Sends updates through SMS or e-mails to minimize no-shows.

• Efficacious Outpatient Management
You can have all the details of the outpatient cases, and all the patients who are not admitted in the hospital can be easily managed in this module. It helps you go easy on:

  1. Simple patient billing
  2. Effective management of invoice, advance payments and due payments.
  3. Generates reports easily, on a daily, monthly or yearly basis
  4. SMS for patient notification, or the next appointment date

• Registration of Patients
Under this module, you get the vital information about the patient, like name, address, contact info, birth date, employer, and the insurance information. Moreover, it also helps in:

  1. Unique patient Ids
  2. Supports telephonic and walk-in appointments

• Pharmacy Management
Through this module, the entire pharmacy scenario can be managed easily. Moreover, it can also be linked to the main billing. As patients purchase medicines from pharmacy, their charges get automatically transferred to the patient bill. Some other benefits include:

  1. Avoid incorrect medicine distribution
  2. Receive direct prescriptions from consulting doctors
  3. Management of stock

It is quite evident that the above modules of a hospital information management system are vital for every modern hospital in order to have a successful run in the market. For instance, ebizframeRx Hospital Information Management System provides real-time access and information in healthcare organizations, and allows effective exchange of information among patients and doctors. Simply put, it helps bring visibility to operational support of the healthcare organization. So choose the right hospital automation system for your hospital now!


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