Places To Visit In Beirut

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Beirut encompasses a rich and diverse cultural history. Owing to this inherent diversity in its cultural landscape, your experience in Beirut is largely shaped by the region/s that you choose to spend your time in. To compliment this cultural dynamic, the city offers a vast choice of accommodations. This include places that are fit for the royalty, fully furnished apartments in Beirut for the rich and the affluent to cheap hotels for the backpackers on shoestring budgets.

Whether you want to wander the colonial relics of Downtown, dance the night away in Achrafieh or ski the slopes in Mzaar, Beirut has something to offer for everyone.

Downtown Beirut: This area stands a testimony to the resilience of Beirut. This area offers dynamic architectural scenery with its magnificent and renovated colonial buildings standing next to the contemporary high-rises. The central district around Nejmeh Square is conveniently pedestrian only and is bubbling with chic, alfresco cafes, rivalling those of Paris and Madrid.
Downtown is full of great places to stay. Whether you are looking for 5-star luxury or a cheap hostel, staying in this region ensures that you are conveniently placed to visit the city’s top attractions.

Achrafieh: Archafieh is one of Beirut’s oldest neighbours. This place is characterized by narrow winding streets that are flaunted by tall buildings on all sides. Achrafieh is home to one of the most iconic social and political landmarks of Lebanon- the Saassine Square Archrafieh is slightly more expensive than the other areas in Beirut. It is certainly the place for luxury hotels which specialize in offering exceptional services. As such, this place is the ideal destination for those who want to visit the city to celebrate special occasion.

Monot & Gemmayze: As against the quaint feel of Achrafieh, Monot offers a more hip and happening experience with its lively bars and hedonistic night life. The nearby Gemmayze offers a more relaxed and artsy feel with its French architecture that is represented by its many bars, restaurants and cafes.

The accommodation prices in Monot and Gemmayze vary vastly from guesthouses to artisan hotels.

Ras Beirut: Ras Beirut is undoubtedly one of the most cosmopolitan areas in the city. This place is situated at the westernmost tip of the city and thus offers an exquisite view of the Mediterranean. Furthermore, Ras Beirut offers a mix of many faiths and cultures and is the perfect example of peaceful co-existence. Ras Beirut is synonymous with luxury. In order to stay here, you can either choose to stay in one of the plush hotels or opt for a fully furnished apartment in Beirut. stay here, you can either choose to stay in one of the plush hotels or opt for a fully furnished apartment in Beirut.


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