Planning to Choose a 55+ Community? Read This!

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Are you searching for 55 and over communities in Charlotte, NC? Well, it is good to know what they are. These are the means to offer maintenance-free independent living residences to those who are above the age of 55 years.

These can be age-restricted in which amongst the 80% residences, there is one person above the age of 55. Then there are age-targeted ones which are meant to those above the age of 55. But can be used by those, not over this age too.

The residences in these communities are owned or rented. They may be single-family houses or patio homes. You can also find townhouses, apartments, condos, and some of them may even include mobile homes.

What Are the Benefits?

These communities for active adults are intended to make it easy to enjoy life each day. The residents don’t have to worry about maintenance.

Right-sized living space means you have a residence in which there is nothing much to worry about. In big homes, you might have been using only a few rooms.

The best thing about these communities is that the peers surround them as your neighbors who share a similar interest and are in the same stage of life. Kids and grandkids are welcome, but most of the time, the neighborhood is pretty quiet.

All the amenities that you need are there. So you have ready access to the fitness center, swimming pools. There are some communities which are close to golf courses, tennis courts and the walking trails.

How to Choose the Best Community?

What do you want from it? Do you want to stay close to a place that you know well? Or you want to move to a new city altogether? Do you want to be close to grandkids?

You have to be clear about your lifestyle first. If you don’t like to live near a buzzing shopping, you should look for a community that offers a peaceful living outside the city.

You will surely not like to take chances at this age. So take a look at the financials. It would help you find out how fiscally sound the organization is.

Making the Right Choice

With so many 55 and over communities in charlotte NC, it’s better to find out what you need? Be clear with your needs and keep your budget in mind!


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