Questions to Be Asked When Buying a Baseball Backstop Net


Buying a baseball backstop net? Here are the questions which you should ask:

What Sports Will The Backstop Netting Need to Contain?

It depends upon the size of the ball your backstop netting need s to contain. There is no need to buy mesh which can contain a golf ball if the smallest ball being held is a soccer ball. The lower the mesh size, the more material is required to build the net, and therefore the higher is the price. Over-buying implies a higher for the netting, and a heavier-duty hardware suspension system.

Is the Netting Water-Resistant?

Adding a waterproof latex or varnish treatment is highly recommended. Since most of the backstop applications are so big; that it isn’t practically possible to remove them during winters. A waterproof treatment generally improves the overall life span of the barrier netting and backstop application. Poly is naturally, but it doesn’t last for as long as a high quality 100% nylon product with varnish or latex treatment lasts. This is because nylon can absorb shocks.

Are Extra Rope “Rib Lines” Available?

It is highly recommended to add “rib lines” for attachment support points for the backstop. Rib lines are basically thick ropes woven through the middle of the net which creates a stress point and eventually creates a hole. Rib lines should run the length of the netting system, which is spaced approximately at every 10-20ft.

How to Install the Backstop Netting?

The best way of installing is to run galvanized steel cable or wire rope between poles, at the top/bottom & mid-point. Hog-rings are the best hardware for affixing the net securely to the cable suspension lines that are tightened via turnbuckles.

The diameter & gauge of the poles is dictated by its height, but typically these should be of a minimum 8.5″ OD if installed approximately 25 ft. above the ground, to reduce pole deflection. The poles are typically installed at a minimum of 3 – 5 ft. deep x 2 – 4 ft. wide – but this is dictated by the local frost line & soil conditions. The looser the soil is the deeper concrete is required to ensure stability.

We hope these backstop netting tips have been informational on the most important things to consider while shopping for the best baseball backstop nets.


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