Reasons Why Paying Attention to Fabric Instructions is Important

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We tend to enjoy our clothing as in any other related fabric covers when they are still new. Treating all shirts, blouses, jeans, trousers, innerwear, jackets, and other clothes like the same damages their form. In the Fabric by the Yard, you will find an array of fabrics with different textures and styles. The type of fabric used on our clothes determines how it must be treated. Paying attention to washing instructions like tumble dry, bleach, and ironing helps maintain the structure of your cloth longer. In this post, we share why you must pay particular attention to fabric instructions.

Different Fabrics, Different Fibers
A piece of fabric is made of two or more fibers. These fibers can be natural wool, silk, animal coating, cotton, silkworms, flax obtained from tree barks. The man-made fibers also are known as synthetic they include nylon, rayon, polyester, spandex, and acrylic. Fabrics have a blend of natural and synthetic fabrics to give them the aesthetic appeal, better resistance to wear, softer and smoother surfaces. These different blends react differently to how we handle them from washing to ironing.

You need to keep the Fabric as it is
Due to their different components, Fabric by the Yard has a strong negative reaction to heat. They tend to shrink, stretch, and burn when you do not adhere to garment instructions. Begin a habit of checking the instructions before you place in the washer, hang to dry, and iron. Color dye on cotton fabrics tends to fade a lot and they also absorb dye when mixed with other clothes. Always wash clothes of the same color and texture at the same time.

Time and Cost-Saving
Some garments do not require ironing while some are machine washable. This helps you cut the time you were supposed to do all these erroneous manual tasks. Though some clothes require ironing you must pay attention to the heat level as mentioned so as to avoid burning them. There are other garments like suits and blazers that require dry cleaning only. You will be required to send it to the dry cleaners more often. Avoid buying such clothes if you cannot make for such an allowance.

With a good tailor, you get to pick your own fabric yard and have your clothes custom made to your expectations. You get to order free swatches from Fabric by the Yard to select the best quality and color for your dream cloth.


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