Recruitment Process: What are the Key Steps Taken by a Recruitment Agency

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The primary role of a consultant company is to find and attract potential resources for filling up the vacant positions in your organization. A recruitment agency sources candidates with the right attitude and abilities required to achieve your business goals. They first identify the job vacancy, analyze job requirements, review applications, screen, and then shortlist and select the right candidates for you. While a good consultant may act as an educator, resource, or facilitator, the leadership of the process remains within your organization.

Recruitment Process
To create a robust resource base, a consultancy firm focuses on framing their recruitment process, which undergoes a systematic procedure, including:

• Sourcing the resources
• Arranging and conducting interviews
• Selecting the right candidates

Recruitment Planning
Planning is another step in the recruitment process. When you choose the recruitment process outsourcing services, the recruitment firm first analyzes the vacant positions and describes work responsibilities of the position. This may include job specifications, nature of the job, qualifications, experience, and skills required, etc. A well-structured recruitment process is necessary to attract the most suitable candidate from a pool of applicants. The recruiters make sure the candidates are experienced, well-qualified, and possess the capability to take the responsibilities for achieving your business objectives.

Identifying Vacancy
Identifying the vacancy is a part of recruitment planning. The process starts with receiving the requisition for recruitments from several departments of the organizations to the HR department. This includes some posts to be filled, number of positions, duties, and responsibilities to be executed, and requirement of qualification and experience.

When a vacancy is identified, the sourcing manager ascertains whether or not the position is required. He or she makes sure whether, permanent or temporary, full-time or part-time position is needed.

Recruitment Strategy
This is one of the most critical parts of the recruitment process. In this step, professionals set out strategies for hiring the resources. After successful completion of the job descriptions, they decide which approach to be applied to recruit the potential candidates for you.

The strategy is made based on types of recruitment, geographical area, recruitment sources. The steps include building a board team, analyzing HR strategy, collecting available data, checking the received data.

While reviewing the resumes, experts focus on the reason for the change of job, longevity with each organization, job-hopping, gaps in employment, lack of career progression, etc. This helps them ensure better screening of the potential candidates.

These are the key processes executed by recruiters to hire the right candidates for you.


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