How to Repair Corrupted or Unreadable JPEG Files Online?

Repair Corrupted or Unreadable JPEG Files Online
What’s the ideal way to cherish a memorable event or a real-time experience? You take pictures of it to see them later and rejoice over the whole experience. Though, the joy of taking pictures fades if you fail to access them after some time. Inaccessibility to digital photographs or unreadable JPEG files is a sign of image corruption.

Read the post to find some DIY methods to repair JPEG files with the help of built-in techniques. It will also teach you about a pioneer solution for JPEG corrupted file repair.

Primary Causes of JPEG File Corruption #

Joint Photographic Experts Group (JPEG or JPG) is a customary image file format, widely used in business documents, PPTs, social media posts, and for entertainment purposes. At times, you may encounter some unforeseen JPEG file errors, which make it difficult to open photos.

Novices fear losing memories if encounter such errors, while professional photographers or graphic designers consider it a significant business loss. The primary causes of damaged or corrupt JPEG images include:

Tips to Repair Unreadable or Corrupt Photos #

Let’s dive into the details of JPEG photos repair solutions:

1. Change the Image Files Extension #

Just by converting the image into a different file format, you can repair and easily read your JPEG file. Whenever your photos remain unreadable on a Windows computer, you can easily fix the problem by changing its file extension. Follow the procedure to change your image file extension:

Note: There’s a discrete procedure to change the file extension of multiple images or JPEG files at once. Further steps will help you do it.

2. Repair Corrupt Photos with Adobe Photoshop Express Online #

Adobe Photoshop Express gives you the liberty to overcome image corruption by uploading the corrupt files to the online tool to view, edit, add art effects, and make desired alterations. Photo editing can surely elevate the visual appeal of your pictures but you can’t ignore the unforeseen risks editing may cause. You might permanently lose the images to sophisticated corruption.

Try this method only when you have backed up all the corrupt images in an external drive. Here are the steps to use Adobe Photoshop Express online:

3. Use JPEG Repair Software to Fix Corrupt Photos #

You can transform a corrupt JPEG image into a readable and accessible file with the help of a professional tool. There are various Photo Repair tools available, but we recommend Stellar Repair for Photos. This Software is helpful to repair your damaged, pixelated, distorted, disoriented, greyed-out, and corrupt JPEG images. The picture repair utility can simultaneously fix numerous photos of the same or different formats.

Its Advanced Repair feature will resolve brutally corrupt JPEG/JPEG images using data from a sample file (a working JPEG file created on the same device as your corrupt file). Even with limited computer proficiency, you can use the software to swiftly repair corrupt JPEG images. Follow the steps to repair your corrupt JPEG files:

Bonus Tips to Prevent JPEG Corruption #

After experiencing the grim repercussions of image corruption, you can avert the possibility of such nasty issues by following these bonus tips:

Conclusion: #

A myriad of reasons mentioned in this post lead to photo damage or JPEG corruption. Indeed, the manual methods mentioned above are effective but they don’t offer guaranteed outcomes. If you have limited time in hand and infinite JPEG images to repair then you must leverage a reliable repair tool like Stellar Repair for Photo that offers foolproof fixes for severely damaged and corrupt images. Furthermore, the post encapsulates some bonus tips to avoid corruption.


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