Shield Your Auto Body Shop from Risks with Mechanics Insurance

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As a business owner of an auto body shop, you should protect your assets, your employees, and your way of life. It is essential for you to have insurance to survive your business for the long-run. In order to protect your business from risk and save yourself from paying expensive premiums, we recommend you to discuss your insurance needs with a reliable insurance agent that understands your business. Here is a list of few insurance policies that you should consider.

Property: It covers claims filed against you or your employee for damages to the property of clients. By purchasing property or real estate insurance, you can protect your shop. It will help you in several circumstances that your property is damaged by your employees.

General liability: General liability insurance is something that protects your business from expenses that are caused by you or your employee’s carelessness. If any of your workers injuries a customer on the job, this type of mechanics insurance can help in taking care of all the expenses. Likewise, if you or your employee causes damage to a customer’s vehicle or personal property, this will be covered under this policy. General liability policies vary and include a wide variety of losses or a limited few.

Liability: It combines general liability and property insurance. It helps in reducing costs for businesses. You can speak to your insurance agent to know if you should keep your general liability and property separate.

Crime: You are required to protect your business from crime. Your auto body shop has expensive tools and several vehicles. If someone plans to steal from you, you will suffer a lot. With this insurance plan, you can cover losses and expenses that result from criminal offenses.

Worker’s compensation: This type of insurance is highly important in many states. This type of coverage plan includes medical expenses, lost wages, disability payments for employees and more. If you do not have this policy, you will have to pay several expenses related to worker’s injuries.

Errors and omissions: You own a reliable and trustworthy auto body shop. Your customers trust your business and your employees and they expect you to fix their vehicles in an affordable, legal and professional manner. If you fail to meet their expectations, errors and omissions insurance help to protect your business.

The above are some of the insurance policies that can save your business in the best possible manner. Get in touch with a qualified and local insurance agent that can help you figure what what coverages work best for your business.


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