The A to Z of Indian Remy Human Hair Extensions

If you have tried researching different hair extensions in the market, the wide range of choices must have overwhelmed you. For first time buyers, it is difficult to make the right choice without any prior information. Among the most popular hair extensions, you will come across are Indian Remy human hair extensions. These extensions rate highly in all consumer reviews and for many good reasons. If you want to get the best out of hair extensions, you need to learn about Remy hair extensions and what makes them exceptional. It is the first step to redefining your hairdo. Read on.


Remy Human Hair in Brief
For a start, the term Remy refers to the characteristics of hair and method used to assemble these hair extensions. Indian Remy’s hair is a high-quality 100% natural human hair with a uni-lateral cuticle direction. This donor of this type of hair might have permed their hair or used other products which necessitate a rearrangement of the natural hairs.

After rearrangement, hair follicles face the same direction just like natural hair making it easy for your hair extensions to blend in with your natural hair. These hair extensions are the most popular due to their natural beauty, ease of availability and affordability compared to virgin hair extensions.

Why Use Indian Remy Human Hair Extensions?
The next question that naturally comes to mind is the reason to go for Indian Remy human hair extensions while there are other options in the market. Well, these Remy extensions have the edge over other types. Take a look:


1. 100% Natural hair extensions: If you are in the market for real human hair extensions, there is no better option than Indian Remy hair. It is natural and unprocessed and easily blends in with your hair. These hairs are intact from the donor.

2. Quality of hair: Indian Remy hair is popular due to its soft texture and length. The hair extensions you will buy are airy, light and bouncy which makes it easier for your hair stylist to curl them into any style you have in mind.

3. Uni-directional hair extensions: The hair cuticles in Indian Remy hair extensions face one direction and this makes it easy to wear your hair into versatile styles without the risk of tangling and matting. The best manufacturers use cutting-edge technology similar to that used in the processing of cashmere to guarantee the cuticles are intact.

Looking for a new hair look? Why not buy Indian Remy human hair extensions and let your stylist work them into a fabulous hairdo?


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