Things to Consider When Buying an Ice Cream Machine


When you are planning to start an ice cream parlor, there are a lot of things to consider such as raising capital, location, machinery & equipment, and ensuring quality service. While all these factors are essential, some mistakes are still easier to correct than others.

One of the most important factors to avoid mistakes is having the right machinery and equipment. Let’s look at the factors you should consider while looking for an ice cream machinery service.

Full Vs. Self-Serve
Self-serve machines help in reducing the labor costs, but it might need more space to be placed in the store. Also, self-serve machines are more consistent in the product they serve as compared to a full-service machine. Full-service machines are better suited for those who experiment with different flavors as well as those who produce all natural fresh daily batches of the product.

Single Vs. Multi-Flavor
Single flavor machine is best suited for self-service venues. This is because some flavors in a multi-flavor machine might be used more often than others; thus, leaving the machine in need of constant supervision & re-filling the product mix. Therefore, multi-flavor machines are best suited for behind the counter full-service venues where you can experiment with producing a small fresh batch daily.

Mechanical Design
The best design in a machine is the front design which makes it easy to access the machines for cleaning the area which is usually not easy to sanitize. Also, the machine should be made of stainless steel, designed with heavy gauges & minimal crevasses & seams.

Servicing Ease
One of the critical things to consider is how easy it is to refill the machine with product mix and how easy it is to clean. A machine which has water & drain connections externally saves a lot of your time & effort when you’re cleaning it. Some machines can be easily cleaned with a little training or with less equipment, while for others you need to call a specialist for servicing & repair. A machine which does not have a connection for water can make cleaning a tedious & time-consuming task.

Thus, keeping these tips in mind will help you to run and maintain your ice cream parlor efficiently.


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