Three Tips to help you Get Superior Quality Video Subtitling Services

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Research shows that video content is becoming more popular than all other content types used for digital and social media marketing. If you are a vlogger, or you own a brand, and you are creating podcasts to try and connect with your audience, you need to make sure you are taking all the right steps to create videos that will go viral, increase your following and maximize your lead conversion.

Here, are some tips which will ease the process of getting the best video subtitling services.

1. Speak slowly
The quality and the effectiveness of the subtitles that will be added onto your videos will depend on how well they match up to the speech and all the other actions you are doing on the video. When you speak slowly, you give time for the reader to scan the page and read through the subtitle before they have to rush onto the next one. On the other hand, when your speech is too fast, and different language subtitles are longer than the typical English ones would be, the reader will not have a comfortable experience watching your video. In addition to speaking slowly, try and pause between sentences so that you can give the subtitles an opportunity to catch up.

2. Create a consistent space where the subtitles will be inserted
Many videos contain on-screen text. The text could be the name of the person speaking and other details about them. While this is useful to the viewer, it will create a problem for the translation agency because they have to squeeze in their translation to a small space and sometimes, readers will not follow. The best option is to have a white space at the bottom of the screen where all the subtitles can reside.

3. Go for professional translations
The other mistake which people make is looking for the agency which will offer them the best rates, without thinking about the quality of the translation. It is advisable to look for professionals who are as competent in the languages you are creating subtitles for as natives. Readers often notice poor quality translations, and they are put off by them.

As you can see, the quality of your subtitles starts with you and not with the agency. Choosing the right agency right from the start of the video creation process helps you create a video whose features make the addition of subtitles easy.


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