Today’s IVR solution providers and Services

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Interactive Voice Response (IVR) is an automatic telephony system that grips any call volume of your clients. At Spark TG, the best IVR solution providers, we offer smart IVR facility organized with a virtual IVR number. Our current IVR service recovers efficiency and knowledge as it allows you to chart sections and managers using the postponement and so permit you interrelate with your clients and ways calls to the suitable agent or section. IVR system do more - gather gen, get comprehensive reports of your commercial calls, speak to your clients, offer self-service or join them to the right agent, both inbound and outbound movements.

Call Tracking
Get a solo commercial number and path, record, and uphold all calls. With voicemail, unrestricted call reports and call back signals, you never either miss a call or save your clients waiting for too long.

Connect to the right agent faster
Accomplish wait times professionally by giving caller’s a choice from multi-tiered menus to attach to the suitable manager or lines.

Toll-free number
Our Toll-Free IVR makes an informal and allowed of price station for customers to entrée you. Track and record you’re incoming and outgoing calls with our cloud grounded telephony system without making the client shell-out any currency while trying to grasp you. Avail our Computer-generated Number Facility today!

Easy CRM integration
Using our APIs you can mix CRM effortlessly to save customer statistics with whole recording particulars, with caller stipulations, call period, time, and caller place at one place. Pull in client data from any popular CRMs or a custom-built answer and admittance it in a few clicks. Save managers time by not making them clasp between numerous screens.

Uninterrupted support
Obtainable 24/7, IVR system offers quick and seamless support to your clients. Record all messages of clients on voicemail during non-working hours and never slip-up a possible commercial lead.

Customized Greetings
Proposal localized involvements with modified greetings for dissimilar sections, and brands. Best new messages or upload existing voicemail greetings.

Call Routing Anywhere
With our IVR solution providers, route your client calls to numerous managers at a sole point of time. It professionally grips a large circulation of calls, not missing any possible commercial chance.

Call Recording
Record all client calls on your virtual number and use these call recordings for interior training or get a vision into your client preferences.


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