Types of easy business finance loans

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In addition, it is convenient that you know what types of easy business finance loans exist so that you can explore all the options and choose the best solution for your company.

The business finance loan for merchants is a fast form of short-term financing for small business owners.

Rating: personal credit score over 400, at least 5 months of business history and at least $ 75,000 in annual income. It is convenient for businesses with abundant transactions made with a credit card (retail, restaurant and service companies).

The short-term loan: is another quick way to guarantee the necessary commercial capital.

• Qualification: a personal credit score of 550 or higher, at least one year of business history and at least $ 100,000 in income.

• Frequency of payment: daily or weekly.

• The financing of accounts receivable involves the sale of your accounts receivable to a third party in order to receive a short-term commercial loan in exchange.

• Qualification: $ 25,000 or more in monthly income.

Factoring financing: is a convenient way to manage the payment of overdue bills and obtain funds in the form of a percentage on the invoice. It is one of best business finance loans.

Qualification: at least 3 months of business history and at least $ 50,000 in annual income

• Do not feel intimidated with all these options. The right business lender will care about your company and carefully consider all your options, to find the solution that suits you.

• The best easy commercial loans in the market

Speaking of the right commercial lender, and they offers you the best rates and terms available when it comes to easy business finance loans. And that’s not all:

  1. The reasonable interest rates make Camino Financial is the most affordable on the market in this category solution.

  2. Monthly payments instead of daily or weekly payments in case of short term small business loans.

  3. More time to pay your commercial loan: from 24 to 60 months in case of short term small business loans.

  4. Increase your business credit and guarantee a perfect graduation to more long-term and less expensive capital because we want you to achieve success and we want to grow together.

  5. Free benefits, such as financial consultations, workshops and discounts on commercial products and services.

Therefore, dedicate your time and effort to build a relationship with a reputable lender for business loan new jersey, which offers you all the advantages and convenience of easy commercial loans.


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