What to Expect From Your First Massage Therapy

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The anticipation of receiving a massage therapy can feel a lot like the build-up to going on a great holiday.

What if you could not have a long weekend, you can definitely treat yourself with some afternoon relaxation, and added significant health benefits to it, is like a cherry on the top.

Good massage therapy comes with both physical and mental benefits, ranging from decreased back pain to improvement in symptoms of anxiety and depression. But booking for first massage therapy can be a bit nerve-wracking, especially when you don’t know what to expect from it.

So, here are a few details about what you should expect and make sure your massage in Ras Al Khaimah is an enjoyable experience.

Communication is the Key

Before the beginning of the session, your therapist should take a few minutes to get a good idea about your health history, how your body is feeling, and discuss what you’d like to get out of the session.
On your part, you should be comfortable enough to communicate about your needs, concerns, etc. if it’s your first time, then you will be discovering a lot about your likes and dislikes during the session.

Face Up or Down

Try to be as comfortable as possible. There are so many ways that a massage therapist can adjust to make you feel comfortable. Generally, when you’re face up, it’s a facial, head massage, or kneading of the arms, feet, and legs. When you’re face down, it’s more of a full back experience.

Sometimes, when you’re face down your sinuses may act up after 15-20 minutes. So if you feel uncomfortable or feel any kind of pressure on your sinus cavity or forehead, simply inform your therapists, they will adjust you.


There are some reasons why you’re draped with a sheet during a massage. First, to protect your modesty; second for your warmth and comfort; and finally, a drape provides a physical boundary between a therapist and their client. Therefore, proper draping makes you feel safe and comfortable.

After the Session

A massage is not a one-and-done therapy. It is important to know what you should do between the session and after the session to enhance the positive effects.

So, your therapist should give you professional recommendations at the end of your session. These recommendations could be how to take care of yourself post massage, how often you should get it, benefits of regular massage, etc.

Final Word

We hope, these points will make the overall experience of your first massage in Ras Al Khaimah an enjoyable, meaningful, and helpful.


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