Why Consider Moving to Electronic Document Management System?

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Electronic Document Management System (EDMS) is a software that uses a set of tools to manage creation, use, and storage of documents in different formats. This system provides an efficient way to store a large volume of digital documents centrally and may include features like document retrieval.

It shares many similar features with enterprise content management (ECM) systems.

EDMS focuses on the use and optimization of active documents and structured data, whereas ECM also manage unstructured content and rich media formats.

If you think EDMS is merely scanning and saving, then you might need to reconsider! It is a much more comprehensive system enabling knowledge workers to organize and distribute documents across the organization for better, integrated use during daily operations.

Electronic Document Management Systems contain solutions for:

• Creating digital files
• Converting paper documents into accessible digital assets.
• Easily sharing digital documents within the organization.
• Keeping the documents centrally organized in standardized file structures.
• Securing documents as per compliance rules.
• By centralizing information use and access, EDMS becomes the hub for broader information management strategies.

Here are some briefly stated reasons why you should consider including EDMS in your organization:

• Better control: File shares & email can be challenging and lead to confusion at work. EDMS gives you a version control of the files and documents you utilize and create.
• Smoother collaboration: To make the complex structures of operations simpler and smoother, EDMS backs you up internally and externally. It uses the web-based environments and workflows to understand where a document is in the authoring, review, and approval process and facilitate it further.
• Saves time: Time is the most critical factor in business. EDMS provides us tools to drive document management processes and put documents through life-cycles. Just think of the bottleneck deadlines you can escape through the timely generation and filing of documents and records.
• Lesser emails: Too much of anything is hazardous, so are the emails. Be prepared to spend lesser time a day in managing information and content in the email. EDMS cuts on the need to distribute content via email, ensuring added security & lower storage burden.
• Reliable backups: In the oceans of content you generate regularly, it is quite possible that the content may not have a proper backup. To avoid finding such loopholes too late and lose, EDMS provides a regulatory backup solution to meet future requirements by centralizing all documents and records in one location.

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