Why Has PDF Become So Popular? Here Are the Reasons!

PDF files have grown to become the most widely used document file formats. Nowadays, these are preferred over Word documents as they can easily be opened on hardware and software or even the web browser. These are popular among professionals, students, and readers who use tablets or phones. It is the ease of usage; the PDF files are gradually replacing other document formats. If you are still using the doc files, you can convert them using Word to PDF converter free online.

Secure the Document

Most banking or credit card users must be well aware of this file format. They get banking statements, or the credit card statements in a password protected PDF file. The file contains sensitive and vital data that has to be kept secure from hackers and unauthorized users. With the use of PDF files, you have a tool to do it. Businesses can also limit the usage of the document but making it view only. In this way, the users can read the document but can take a print of it.

Styling and Format

When you style the document in a specific way, you would want that it retains the style no matter where it is opened. PDF file format helps you do so. It is easy to view and share wand will not distort the components. When you are using a Word file, it is a major worry as the format goes awry when you open the file on a different version or device than what it was initially created.

Easy to Add Different Type of Content

Using PDFs you can integrate different kinds of images, videos, graphics, 3D-models without affecting the format of the document. It also lets allows making presentations, reports, and portfolios. It means you don’t have to rely on different kinds of software for carrying out different tasks. It allows for creating beautiful documents by adding visuals without any significant problem.


PDFs work efficiently on all the operating systems as the format is easy to view and share. Most devices these days even come with apps that open the PDF files. You can always download on from app store.


PDF can be compressed easily to smaller file size. In this way, it becomes easy to share or receive the document without any compromise. Word to PDF converter free is available online. So use them and get these benefits of PDF file formats.


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