Why Is It Beneficial to Use .NET Core for Robust Web Application Development

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In earlier times, businesses, whether small or big, didn’t really have the option of adding allof the desired features and functionality, especially when it came to the development of web applications. And to get these features and functionality in their web applications, they had to pay high costs.

Understanding this scenario, Microsoft came up with its most prominent framework, which is known as ASP.NET. This framework has now been around for over more than 18 years, and it has led to the rise of Microsoft application development. Further, in the past years, this framework has undergone various changes which lead to the most recent framework, the .NET Core.

.NET Core is a cross-platform, open-source framework which helps in the development of internet-connected, cloud-based modern web applications. It is this framework that enables developers to create more efficient, robust web applications.

Let’s see the three most significant reasons why it is beneficial to use .NET Core for the development of web apps.

Improved Performance
The major benefits of .NET Core framework are its higher performance. With these new enhancements as well as upgrades, the code gets much more optimized, which results in improved performance. However, this is not the best part of it. The most significant advantage is that you don’t really need to change the code. The compiler of .NET Core will eventually optimize the entire code whenever the code is re-compiled or not. The actual performance of .NET Core is multiple times more than any of the famous framework implementations from the past. Thus, it can be clearly said that Microsoft has quite a long-term plan with this .NET Core technology.

Easier Maintenance
Whenever there isless code, it gets much easier to maintain codeautomatically. While a new developer may not find it easier to understand this pattern, an experienced .NET Core developer would know how to actually optimize the entire code in .NET with much fewerstatements. Therefore, thisessentially implies that it not only requiresless code to create web apps but also it is easier to effectively manage and maintain code.

Cloud-Based Web Application Development Support
If you are a business organization, then it is better to create cloud-based applications in this modern era. People are notinvesting in desktop applications anymore because the advantages of cloud-based applications are immense. The reason being .NET Core offers different types of website development services as well as the mobile backend along with the IoT application development. This implies that .NET Core is the best solution for allbusiness IT needs in current times. Thus, .NET Core can easily help in the development of great and robust web applications.


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