Anti-Termite Piping

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Anti-Termite Piping is one of the best termite treatment method. It involves a network of pipes which are laid at the foundation of the floors in your home and gets filled with chemical from time to time. It forms a strong barrier against the termites and protects your home for years. This is a revolutionary system which works differently from the older termite treatment methods.

The reticulation system underground is a network of specially designed pipes (rubberized membranes) which induces Anti Termite Piping chemical uniformly throughout your Building’s foundations. By regulating the flow, this system helps in preventing future invasion by termites from outside your house or from under the floor.

This is done during construction of the house by laying of special flexible perforated pipes on the internal periphery and center of the flooring before laying of sand bed/sub grade or before fixing the floor marble/tiles. This process is a very effective way of termite protection for new homes as it gives a strong and durable termite shield to the house and ensures that the termites can’t enter your home from anywhere.

Unlike other traditional termite barriers, this reticulation system is replenishable, hence it’s also called “Pipe Reticulation System.” It is a smart system which allows your Termite control expert to inject chemicals into the pipe network without having to drill or break your concrete slab, thus avoiding unnecessary damage to your property. It also avoids exposing the residents to toxic pesticide odors and eliminates the need for pumping of soil from outside.

The pipes are made of a special elastomeric compound with a honeycomb structure and have a very high porosity. They are very light in weight and have a smooth surface to prevent the buildup of soil particles. The continuous perforations of the pipes prevent blockage by debris, clay or concrete.

Termite protection with a reticulation system can be applied to both new and existing buildings. It is a very efficient and effective preventive treatment method, as the reticulation system will distribute a consistent supply of termiticide to the entire area of your building. This will effectively prevent the penetration of termites into your building’s walls and help reduce any timber loss due to subterranean termite attack.

Regular filling of the porous pipe with termite killing chemical is an important part of this treatment method and should be carried out regularly by our experts at Deemak Roko as suggested by them. This is done by a team of highly trained Termite Technicians. It is the only way to ensure that your reticulation system is always working properly and will continue to be an effective barrier against termites for as long as possible.

Our Termite Control Experts are experienced in installing and servicing reticulation systems, and can help you find the best solution for your home. They will explain your options and help you choose the system that’s right for you.


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