Be a Hero of Energy Transition through ‘Open Access Solar Solutions’

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India is becoming global clean energy powerhouse. Our renewable sector is growing in leaps and bounds. Our country is focusing on the development of a value chain ecosystem, to be more competent globally.

Power is the most complex and supreme ingredient of growth for a nation. Thus, its important from the economic point of view as well.

Power is the most complex and supreme ingredient of growth for a nation. Thus, its important from the economic point of view as well.

Indian power sector has emerged as one of the largest globally. But there is a constant stress to switch to renewable resources. It is less of an alternate but a mere necessity in the future.

Solar energy is that one resource, that we can rely on to increase power generation. It is a one key solution to energy expansion plan without hampering environment. We must be proud of the fact that India ranks third globally for solar installation capacity.

In this transitional era Avaada is contributing differently with its valued goals. With a commitment to provide affordable, clean and abundant power, has already emerged as the most reliable sustainable partner for leading corporates, ITs, MNCs and manufacturing units. They focus on customers’ requirements with credible energy solutions, including open access solar solutions, solar rooftop and hybrid energy.

Did you know: Corporates with more than 1 MW load capacity can save up to 30-50% of electricity costs, by switching to open access solar solutions!

How Does This Work?
Open Access solar solutions empower corporates and industries with more than 1 MW load to buy power directly from the open market. The rights associated with Open Access Solar Power are governed by the Electricity Act 2003, to keep a check on the competition. The categorization can be done on the basis of location of seller and the purchaser.

When the buyer and the seller belong to different states, they are supposed to follow the Central Electricity Regulatory Commission (CERC) directives. This has been defined as Inter-State Open Access. The purchase rights can be applicable for three term periods:

Short Term: Less than a month

Medium Term: 3 months to 3 years

Long Term: 12-25 years

In a condition when the buyer and seller belong to the same, they must abide by the mandates under the State Electricity Regulatory Commission (SERC). The time period and duration for this Intra-State Open Accesspurchase is same- short term, medium term, and long term. However, the duration is subject to state’s rules and regulations.

The main goal is to ensure ‘clean and affordable energy’ to every household. India commits to the idea of a healthier planet. You would be proud to know that our nation pledges that 40% of installed power generation capacity by 2030 will be based on clean sources!


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