Easter Holiday in Lloret de Mar - Location Lloret de Mar

Every year during Easter, you can expect many activities which includes cultural, touristy types and activities for families in the location Lloret de Mar. It is also the best time of the year to have your family getaway as the best deals usually comes during Easter. Spain being known nominally as a Catholic country, celebrates Easter widely throughout the country. Outside the main tourist towns, shops and restaurants are mostly closed as people in Spain welcomes the days off work.

It has been a yearly event since 2007, there has been stalls being set up in the Roman market selling artisanal produce. This market usually happens on Palm Sunday, a day before Easter, but sometimes a fortnight before Easter. They are usually held in the old town. Parades by the Roman soldiers can be seen. You can also see a lot of mock gladiator fights, jugglers showing off their talents and try out the variety of Roman food. During this period, the town opens up the medieval watch tower and church bell tower to the public.

You may expect Easter fairs and markets taking place on Palm Sunday and you may also witness processions in some towns. It may not be noticeable unless it is done in a mass. Get a chance to taste their traditional mona de pasqua, an Easter cake that was originally topped by hard-boiled eggs as these days it is hard to come by. These days it comes in chocolate ones to save the hassle.

66km away from Lloret, lays Badalona, where you would be able to see the Procession of Silence. The Participants and spectators observe silence as they march the street with candles on hands. 50km from Lloret is SantHilari. You can witness the spectacular night celebration called Viacrucis.

Unlike many towns, Verges celebrates Easter differently. The town celebrates Maundy Thursday with a parade which includes la dansa de la mort.It is one of the famous events. It is also known as the dance of death. Usually there would be five skeletons, forming a cross, dancing to the beat of the drum, depiciting a story of death. Those who dance carries different symbols of death. It is held on Holy Thursday, starting from 5pm and ends at 10pm. A shorter and similar performance is also held for the children in the afternoon of Easter Sunday.

Had enough of the pocessions, and you have been wanting to go for a swim and beat the cold water temperature, you can head down to Palamós for the town’s Easter Sunday swim. You may take part in theel primer bany de l’any, which is also known as the first swim of the year at midday. Particpants are then given a cup of hot broth to keep themselves warm. Unable to brave yourself to swim, you can also choose to just sit and enjoy the whole event.Lloret de Mar, is definitely one of the destinations that you can consider to live the Easter traditions. It has all the unique and unforgettable experience that you needed for your dream vacation.


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