Everything You Need To Know About Personal Injury & No Win No Fee Claim


Personal injury:

Personal injury is defined as strain to the mind, body or emotional because of the result of an accident. In the situations, the people who suffer from personal injury have rights to claim for injury or damage. Claim made for an injured person due to the irresponsible conduct such as product malfunction, medical malpractice, motor vehicle accident, and injuries occurring on private or public property.

Information about No win No Fee Claim:

No win No fee claim is introduced in the 1990s and mainly used to fund employment litigation. It has a method of financing a claim from 1995. If your case is processed on ‘no win no fee’ basis and your solicitor fail to get success on that case, then you don’t have to pay fees for that solicitor who handles your case.

No wins No fee may be different based on your specific case and your solicitor. It divided into two types conditional fee agreements and damaged based agreements.

Conditional Fee Agreement (CFA):

It is an agreement between solicitor and client. The agreement provides that the solicitor’s costs will only payable when the client gets successful. Therefore there is a risk to a solicitor when the client does not get successful and the cost will not be paid to the solicitor. In other word, CFA agreement provides payment of ‘success fee’ when the client event is successful.

Damages Based Agreement (DBA):

DBA also refers to as Contingency Agreement. This is agreement is also between the client and the solicitor. The solicitor’s legal fees payments are in the event successful. Damaged Based Agreement is one of the most popular legal funding models for several years. It is an arrangement where the solicitor will share in the proceeds of a claim. Damaged Based Agreement is different from the Conditional Fee Agreement.

What are the benefits in no win no fee claims??

No win No fee claim can be processed for anything to complain against your employer, negligence claim against a healthcare practitioner, from a personal injury in an accident. Solicitors will check the case to confirm whether they will take the case on ‘no win no fee’ basis.
With a No win No fee claims, you don’t have any worry about the payment and legal fees. You will never be offered for payment before the claim. Only the payment has to pay after you have received compensation.


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