Planning Adoption for Any of These Reasons? We Recommend Giving it a Second Thought

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While some do it to complete their family, others want to extend their family - every person has a different reason to adopt a child. It is true that adoption is special because you give a lot of love and a better life to a child. Though the thought of doing better for the society and bringing a difference to the life of an innocent would dominate your mind completely, we suggest you introspect before taking a big decision. Having said that, we list a few scenarios where you should not adopt a child.

Scenario # 1 - When your marriage is failing

If you are planning for adoption to save your married life, drop the idea right there. Raising a child in an environment where there’s always tension between parents will hamper the mental and physical growth of the child. Do not assume that things will be fine between you and your partner once the baby is home.

Scenario # 2 - When you are unable to conceive

Infertility and adoption are two different things. If you are not able to conceive, don’t consider adoption as a replacement for the same. There is a possibility that the adopted child might not meet your expectations, and you will always have the guilt of not being able to give birth to your baby.

Scenario # 3 - To make your partner happy

The decision to adopt a baby should be mutual. If your partner wants to adopt a child, but you aren’t willing to take the responsibility, it makes no sense to go ahead with the procedure. Adopting a child to please your partner could have repercussions in the future, and might affect the relationship between you and your partner.

Scenario #4 - To bring a playmate for your child

Never look at the adoptive child as a playmate for your child. The little one isn’t here to fulfill your expectations and to give you a helping hand. If you want your child to have a sibling, consider having a biological baby.

Final Words

Adoption is a huge responsibility. Instead of taking a decision in a hurry or because of a sudden emotional outburst or any other circumstances, we advise you to plan your future as well as the future of the adoptive child. If you are sure of the decision, you need to know that waiting child adoption could be a long process, which can also help you in preparing yourself mentally to welcome the new member in the family.


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