Simple Ways To Develop An Eye For Detail

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One of the most glorified skills in our modern world of design and technology is the ability to design products, applications and services with strong attention to details. Most people would even consider having a keen eye for detail as a skill worth developing from the early years. In the e-learning industry, quality and skill are one of the biggest criteria that helps an organization stand out amongst others. Every member in the team involved in the project is responsible to ensure the courses delivered are free from not only the obvious issues (technical and/or functional), but also require a keen eye to detail. The feedback from the client will make you think about the importance of paying attention to details and its impact on the overall quality of the courses we create.

Here are some simple ways to develop an eye for detail.
1: Research before you begin the task
2: Make friends with checklists
3: Review your work regularly
4: Take a break
5: Do not rush

However, it’s not as simple as it sounds. Paying attention to details is a skill that needs to be acquired and just like other skills, it requires rigorous practice and attention towards the work.

The objective of Eye for Detail:
The objective of Eye for Detail is to exercise your ability to make it more quickly while noticing subtle details with others. Let us consider an example for better understanding. An eye for detail is achieved by displaying a series of 3 to 5 images briefly in various positions around your screen. Some of these pictures are exact matches while others are only similar. Identifying the identical images appear is your goal. As you practice and improve at Eye for Detail you’ll notice the following:

• Images will flash one by one more rapidly and become more similar in
• Your brain will tend to move your eyes further distances as the images
spread farther apart.
• You will be able to graduate at least 5 images from the initial 3.

And it doesn’t stop there. Learning how to pay attention to detail is a continuous exercise and practice even for people who have a keen eye to detail. So, start paying attention to small details using these tips as your checklist, and let the quality of your work define you.


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