The Basics of Dental Implants

Implants can be a life-changing option for people who have lost one or more teeth. They provide the function and esthetics that natural dentition offers without using any other part of your mouth. This article will discuss Tijuana dentistry implant concepts and apply them in predictable surgical outcomes when treating edentulous spaces and restoring implants.

Tijuana Dentistry Implants: The Basics of Dental Implants

In Tijuana, a Dentistry implant consists of a titaniumscrew, an abutment, and a dental crown.The teeth implant in your jaw mimics your natural tooth root, and the crown mimics the visible part of the tooth. It is because they allow us to replicate natural teeth so well! They work by integrating themselves into your jawbone and act just like natural teeth do, supporting your upper or lower arch with no problems at all! Because dental implants provide such a strong foundation for your teeth, they are the perfect option for replacing missing teeth.

The following list will cover some common uses:

-Crowns on Implants: If you are missing just one or two teeth, then dental implants can be used to secure a crown over the implant permanently. Crown placement requires an initial surgery in which they surgically place the implant and connect it. The next time you come in, they will prepare your tooth for a crown made at the lab and then put it over the dental implant base to complete restoration!

-Fixed Bridge on Implants: If you miss several teeth in one arch (upper or lower), then fixed bridge placement may be best for you. Fixed bridges are just like traditional bridgework, except that they are permanently attached to dental implants! It means no more chipping or cracking your tooth-colored bridge when you chew on some ice cream or false teeth don’t fit quite right!!

-Full Mouth Implants: If all of the natural teeth in both upper and lower arches are missing, then full-mouth dental implants maybe your best option. It supports a denture in place of the upper arch. It is also great for retention when you have already received partial or complete dentures!


Dental implant therapy is natural-looking because it uses the patient’s teeth to support replacement crowns or other types of prostheses (artificial replacements for missing teeth). However, Tijuana Dentistry took several basic steps to ensure that patients’ treatment goes smoothly and predictably.


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