Things to Keep in Mind While Buying Tablecloths

Buying a dining table might be an important purchase, but what you put on top of it and how you decorate it makes all the difference. Just imagine- A crisp white tablecloth with a beautiful Table Linen Purchase

skirt can elevate a simple Sunday dinner into an occasion. But the problem is finding that perfect tablecloth can be an exercise in frustration. No wonder most of the people nix the idea altogether.

But the points mentioned below, keeping them in mind will help you in finding that perfect tablecloth.

Unless you plan to invite the Queen to brunch, you absolutely don’t need to even glance in the direction of those luxury linen tablecloths. (Though we are certainly not going to stop you from buying them) But the rest of us will be ok with a cotton-polyester blend, and for that classy touch, we look for table linen purchase. A 40/60 mix of cotton/polyester is the standard one; this means that you will get the crisp look of cotton in combination with the easy care of polyester. However, the higher the polyester content into the mix, the shinier the cloth will be.

The general shapes of tablecloths are square, circle, rectangular, and oval. Of course, you can match the tablecloth shape to the shape of your table. But there is no hard-and-fast rule. You can get away with using a square cloth on a circular table, or a rectangular cloth on an oval table, but not vice-versa.

Let’s be honest; a good quality tablecloth shouldn’t cost more than $50. If you are thinking about buying something which above that price point, then it is probably more for the designer’s name and occasionally for the luxury linens.

White tablecloth or table skirt purchase is obviously considered as the standard, but it can be difficult to take care of. Ivory and off-white often tend to look dingy in a room which has lots of colors, but it fits in beautifully amongst the wood and neutral-toned rooms. For fall, a chocolate-hued tablecloth gives a festive impression. Patterns on the cabana tablecloth add visual interest and also hide small stains, though it can be a bit busy if the pattern is out-there. Thus, to be on the safer side, go for a pattern in a simple color scheme.

Undoubtedly, a cotton-polyester blend will be easiest to take care of, as it doesn’t really get wrinkled and can be thrown into the wash without worrying much.

We hope these tips will help you in buying your perfect tablecloth.


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