Why You Should Use Bail Bond Agents to Get Out of Jail

After you’ve been arrested, one of the first court appearances that you might have is your bail hearing. However, this hearing only takes place if you haven’t made bail yourself within 24 hours of your arrest; as per the assigned bail schedule which jail follows in the booking. In this hearing, the presiding judge further reviews your bail amount to see if any modifications can be made as per their discretion. Your bail varies based on the number of factors, including the severity of your crime.

Basically, the bail is the amount of money that you need to pay to get out of the jail to ensure the court that you’ll appear for all the required court appearances until your case is resolved. However, you can post your own bail using your assets, but in most of the cases, it is wise to use the services of professional services providing bail bonds Hempstead NYC. Read on to learn about the reasons why you should use bail bond agents:

Lowers your Payment

Sometimes bail payments are set at unreasonably high rates. If in case you don’t have the money to cover it, which is the case for most of the people, a bail bonds agent pays the majority of your bail; you just need to cover 10% of the amount, and the bondsman will pay the remaining. As long as you appear in all the subsequent court hearings and follow every legal instruction that you are asked to, then you’ll never have to pay the full bail amount.

Get you Out of the Jail

Once you pay the 10% of the bail amount to the bondsman, you’ll be released from jail. Usually, this release happens within a few hours of your booking. After that, you will have to wait for your next court date at home, instead of a cell. This is a great advantage for working people and who have families to support.

Handles Contact with the Court

Not only your bond agent will take care of paying your bail, but also they will handle all interactions and paperwork with the court relating to your agreement. These agents guarantee your future appearances by being financially responsible for you.


If in case you find yourself in need of financial assistance for your bail, make sure to use a reputable, licensed professional service providing bail bonds Hempstead NYC. As long as you follow all the legal instructions and show up for your court hearings, using a bail bond service can significantly help you and your family with your legal issues.


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